Dental CT Scan – Why Do You Need It

For many years dentists have relied on panoramic radiography in the diagnosis of dental problems. With the advancement in technology, it has led to rising to CT scans that many dentists use in diagnosing any dental issue.

A dental CT scan refers to a detailed image taken a professional dentist that gives a three dimensional of the area scanned in your mouth. The dentist can use CT scan to take pictures from different angles to determine sinus activities and nerve endings in your mouth before performing any surgery. This assist in providing safe and effective dental implants to the patients without causing any damage to the other teeth.

A dental CT scan uses small beams of radiation that are dispersed from different angles that give different angles on the image. If you wish to get a dental CT scan from a dentist, it is good that you properly prepare yourself so that you do not interfere with the CT scan machines. This avoids taking pictures that are difficult to interpret. The dentist can give you a list of instructions that you need to follow before and when doing the scanning. To avoid destruction of other body organs from the CT scan radiation the dentist uses special lead aprons. The dentist also removes the dental bridges and dentures in case you might have any in your mouth.

Dental CT scan images are helpful as they assist the dentists in fitting implants to patients. It is essential that the dentist knows the density and width of the jawbone to determine the exact placement of the implant to prevent nerve damage. A dental CT scan usually takes about 15 minutes. After the CT scan, you will not be restricted in doing the activity. You should not be afraid to visit your dentist for a CT scan in case you have any dental issue.