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Dental Xrays and It’s Impact on Dental Health Industry

Dental X rayDental X-Rays also known as radiographs is now a crucial part of any dental treatment. This diagnostic tool helps dentists detect diseases and show cavities, bones loss or hidden dental structure which otherwise cannot be detected in a visual examination.

Why dental X-rays are done?

1. Find problems like tooth decay, bone damage supporting the teeth.

2. Detect cysts, abscesses, tumors

3. Planning treatment for extensive root canal surgery, dental implants, cavities and complicated tooth removal

4. Orthodontic treatment

5. Teeth that do not break through the gum perfectly.

Categories of X-rays

Dental X-Rays can be divided into two categories – Intraoral and Extraoral X-Rays

Intra Oral X-rays

These are most common types of X-Rays and each shows different feature of the teeth

1. Bite Wing X-rays – It display the details of lower and upper teeth. It can help determine the exact fit of a crown and bridges. It can also detect any breakdown of dental fillings. It also identifies teeth decay and any change in bone thickness which eventually causes gum diseases.

2. Occlusal X-Rays – Offers a clear view of the mouth to display the bite of the lower and upper jaw. These X-rays highlight the children’s tooth – primary baby and permanent teeth.

3. Panoramic – Shows a view of the jaws, sinuses, joints of the jaw, nasal area and usually recommended when the patient needs to go through implant placement

4. Periapical – Shows the whole tooth from the root to the crown where it attaches to the jaw.

Extraoral X-rays

These are used to identify the problems in jaw and skull.

1.Tomograms – Shows a particular layer of the mouth. It examines the structure that are difficult to see.

2. Panoramic X-rays- Shows the entire interior of the mouth including lower and upper jaws in one single X-Ray

3. Cone Beam CT- It creates the 3D images of soft tissues, dental structure, bones and nerves. It can also detect problems in gums, root of the teeth and jaws.


One thought on “Dental Xrays and It’s Impact on Dental Health Industry

  1. X-ray plays a big part in the medical and even in dental industry. Without it, we can’t determine a person’s condition. X-ray is mostly used in orthopedics which scope in bones, spines, etc. But it’s great that it can also now be used in dental concerns.

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